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Medium CoverDo you want to look your very best and be the healthiest that you can be?  Of course you do! But you may be overwhelmed by all the advice, diets, systems and fads that are bombarding you from everywhere. You have seen the magazines at the checkout stands screaming: “lose 12 pounds in 2 weeks” or “ how only eating grapefruit helped me lose 25 pounds.” No only is this a lie, but the sad truth is that none of these programs work in the long run. You may initially lose weight only to gain it back AND MORE!!! How do you get off the diet roller coaster? I can show you how!

Sadly, we do judge each other by our appearance.  Not only do we have to look good in person, but with all the social media out there, we now also have to look good in photos.  Do you feel that you are stuck in a rut, and you don’t even know where to start? Are you running away to hide when someone tries to take your picture.

Maybe you have fallen for the myth that to look good after the age of 30 or 40 is impossible? Or if you have kids, you have given up and accepted the “mommy body” as an inevitable result of your pregnancies. Well, I am here to tell you that this is simply not true! You CAN and you WILL look better in your midlife and beyond, than you even did BEFORE you had kids!

Description: U3.jpgDo you dream of having a lean healthy physique that looks as good in clothes as it does in a bathing suit?

Have you spent thousands of dollars on dangerous diets, pills or crazy workout programs, only to drop some weight initially, and then gain it all back, and more?

Are you confused about how to sift through and interpret all the information that is out there on what is the best way to finally shed those pounds?

Do you buy every single vitamin and supplement because you’ve read or heard that they are good for you, only to take a few, forget about them and eventually end up throwing them away?

Maybe you are in your mid-life and you just want to get rid of those five pounds that keep sneaking back on but you just don’t know where to start, so you never do.

Are you still surfing the internet for the latest and greatest way to finally lose those pounds?

If you want to finally drop the weight for good, without starving yourself or having to buy expensive prepackaged foods, pills or even dangerous injections, then you have come to the right place

I will teach you how to “Eat More to Lose More”

I am a forty-seven year old mother of four children who has dedicated my life to health, fitness and nutrition. As the trainer and nutrition specialist to world champion athletes, super fitness models, bikini competitors, mothers, fathers, kids and even other trainers, I am uniquely qualified to help you finally succeed! I have studied, researched, attended seminars and earned four separate degrees in nutrition. I also hold a certification as a Master Trainer and I own a private gym in Miami where serious athletes seek me out to change their physiques. Having been involved in sports and fitness all my life, as well as being able to keep a lean tight physique well into my late forties, despite working full time and raising four children, I know what it is like to struggle with eating right and working out to get the physique you deserve.

I will show you that it is possible to lose weight safely, simply and affordably and to keep that weight off.

Unfortunately, the diet and weight loss industry is motivated by the mighty dollar. They really do not want you to succeed, or to learn how to eat right so that you can get off their costly programs. I am a real life mom and fitness professional that wants to teach you how to eat for life. I will give away my hard earned knowledge and even share some of my secrets on how to get lean and healthy by eating MORE.  That’s right. You will know what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat. There is no guesswork. My fail proof method works so well that I use it even on my WORLD CHAMPION ATHLETES and PHYSIQUE COMPETITORS. Now you can learn my fail proof principles too. You will never have to diet again because this time you will keep the weight off for good. There is no more yo-yo dieting or severely restrictive eating that only destroys your metabolism. Instead, I will teach you how to eat real food and show you effective training secrets guaranteed to torch fat in the fastest time possible.

Description: unni sunset drive mag.jpgWhen people come to me for private consultations or training I literally charge hundreds of dollars per hour. That is because I have a waiting list and my time has become very valuable. I have been featured in magazines such as Natural Muscle, Oxygen, and Sunset Drive Magazine and in books and hold seminars and key note speeches for hundreds of people from all over the world. 
You can now learn my fat loss secrets in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace. There is no need to spend time or money traveling anywhere. The food that you eat will be food that you can buy at a regular supermarket.

Many other so called “experts” and fat loss coaches simply do not have the background or credentials to be able to get you to your best physique ever.  I am also an athlete. As a CERTIFIED MASTER TRAINER and a PRINCIPAL ATHLETE IN DVD SERIES, I know what it takes to get in the best shape of your life.

You will learn how to eat the right kinds of foods at the right time so you will constantly burn fat, lose weight, and never get hungry.

I have designed the “Eat More to Lose More Program” to work for EVERYONE. People just like YOU have succeeded in creating THEIR BEST BODY EVER with my program. It is based on scientifically PROVEN fat burning and muscle toning program that has been endorsed by world class athletes, physicians, business women, moms, dads, fellow fitness experts and even kids and teens.

In just one month you can transform your body and have the look that will be the envy of your friends and family. All this while eating MORE! I will teach you what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat so there is ABSOLUTELY NO GUESSWORK. Each meal and workout is SPECIFICALLY and EASILY laid out for you to follow. There are no points, exchanges, or colors to remember or CONFUSE YOU.

I have heard from all of you that you are tired of spending hundreds of dollars on pre packaged foods, going to meetings, popping dangerous pills or even using injections in your efforts to lose weight. ON MY PLAN YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO ANY OF THIS. You will enjoy regular foods that you can make yourself, all in the comfort of your own home! The workouts are simple, straightforward and can be done at any fitness level! Even if you have NEVER worked out before in your life, I will show you what to do and you can easily do it!

My Eat More to Lose More Book covers all the principles of fat loss:

  • ·       Nutrition
  • ·       Weight training
  • ·       Cardio training
  • ·       Supplementation
  • ·       Mental training and motivation

This program works for MEN and WOMEN. I have used the same program successfully on both men who needed to get ripped, by losing fat and gaining muscle, and women who wanted to get “tight and tiny.”

  • ü    You do not have to join a gym
  • ü    You do not need any fancy equipment or a pricey trainer
  • ü    You do not have to buy expensive prepackaged foods
  • ü    You do not have to put anything dangerous into your body
  • ü    You will never go hungry or feel deprived
  • ü    You are never too old to go on the Eat More to Lose More Program
  • ü    You can use the Eat More to Lose More Program even if you are Gluten Intolerant, Vegetarian or Vegan
  • ü    You can use the EMTLM Program anywhere in the world, and even when your are travelling
  • ü    You can still eat out while on the Program
  • You will not feel tired or lose energy; on the contrary, you will feel more energized than ever.
  • Your body will not only thank you but getting lean, strong and sexy, but you will FEEL better too.


Description: C:\Users\unnigreene\Downloads\photo (7).JPGThere are so many myths out there surrounding fat loss. How can you be sure what really works?

I have spent hundreds if not thousands of hours researching all the information that is out there. I have invested time and money into getting FOUR SEPARATE DEGREES IN NUTRITON.  I am a REAL LIFE MOM IN MY MID-LIFE. What I have learned is simple, effective and IT WORKS! I AM NOW READY TO SHARE MY SECRETS WITH YOU!

Let me dispel some of the myths that you may have heard.

Myth: Being middle-aged makes it inevitable to have a “spare tire” of fat around my midsection.

FALSE - I am 47 years old and my waist is smaller today than it was when I was 20!

Myth: Being a mom means I am doomed to have a “mommy body.”

FALSE - I have four children, and I look better today than I did before I had kids!

Myth:I need to spend a fortune on food and pills to get me into shape.

FALSE - All foods on the Eat More to Lose More Program are regular supermarket foods that you cook in your own home.

Myth: I have to spend hundreds of dollars to hire a personal trainer to get in shape.

FALSE - The workouts that I created for you have been used by hundreds of athletes, including myself, and can be done in the privacy of your own home with just a couple of dumbbells. There is no need to even go to a gym!

Description: alana's picks-20.jpgMyth: I have to starve myself to lose weight and look good

FALSE - You will learn that you can eat MORE than before and still lose FAT! Your metabolism will be reset and you will never be hungry, even while melting the pounds away.

Myth: I screwed up my metabolism by other bad diets and it is now impossible for me to lose weight

FALSE -You will RESET and in no time your body will become a lean, mean fat burning machine.

Myth:My family will be upset when I eat different foods to lose weight.

FALSE - You will still be able to eat what your family is eating, and they can benefit too. They will love the new you, and they will also want to look and feel as good as you do.

Myth: I have to seek out and pay a nutritionist to make sure that I lose weight safely and correctly.

FALSE -I have four degrees in Nutrition, Supplementation, Kid’s Nutrition, and Performance Nutrition. I am better qualified to guide you than a regular Nutritionist and you can follow my plan in the comfort of your own home.

Myth: To be healthy and to lose weight I have to spend hundreds of dollars on supplements and eat weird, bland foods.

FALSE - I will teach you which supplements are the best for fat loss and health and you will eat REGULAR DELICIOUS FOODS.

Myth:To lose weight I need a personal chef to prepare my foods.

FALSE - My book has EASY, DELICIOUS, AND INEXPENSIVE meals that have simple recipes for you to make again and again with ease.

Myth: After having kids, I will never be able to wear a bikini again.

FALSE - You can have the body to wear a bikini at any age and EVEN AFTER HAVING KIDS!

Myth: I travel and have to eat out a lot so I will never lose weight.

FALSE -You can and will be able to eat out and know what to order to still lose weight.

Everything you have been looking for is just a click away. It is right at your fingertips.

Are you ready to make it happen, finally and once and for all?

Are you ready to take your body where it has never been able to go before?

Do you want to stop procrastinating and start TODAY?

Are you tired of dishing out hundreds of dollars, spend countless hours on programs that do not work and getting nowhere at all?

Unni Greene's "Eat More to Lose More Diet Book" is a MUST READ! Its full of top nutritional info, fat blasting recipes that are easy to prepare, and this book will unlock your fat burning potential! I'm proud to have written the foreword to this best seller, and it's JNL Approved! I'm thrilled for those who make the wise decision to make a small investment in this book, to finally find out The Diet Diva's secrets to Eating More to Lose More! Get this book now and start celebrating falling back in love with eating healthy again!

-Jennifer Nicole Lee, International Fitness Celebrity & Best Selling Author

I am a professional boxer. For most of my career, I boxed at 175 lbs. At the age of 43, an opportunity arose for me to box as a “super middle weight” at 168 lbs. I went to Unni and asked her if it would be possible for me to make that weight in less than 8 weeks. She told me “yes, and you will never even be hungry”. I was surprised, because I had always been hungry trying to make weight even at 175 lbs on my own. Unni was right. With her coaching me on my nutrition I was able to make my weight at 168 lbs, and I was never hungry. But not only that, I was stronger than ever, and was able to win my fight, knocking out my opponent who was 10 years younger than me! Unni knows what she is doing and is an essential part of my success at the age of 43.

- Glen Johnson, Time Magazine “Boxer of the Year”, World Champion Middle Weight.

I started training with Unni back in Dec. 2010 and although I had been working out before then for about 13 years, her expertise in nutrition and training started changing my body like never before. I saw results that I had never seen before. I am now 36 years old and mother of 2, and I have never felt better or been more toned and defined. Unni helped me lose body fat, gain lean sexy muscles and change the way I eat forever. When I met her, believe or not, I was a smoker, and as everyone knows most people have a fear that if they quit, they will gain weight. Well thanks to Unni, I did not. With her encouragement, and focus on health, I was able to stop smoking without gaining weight. In fact, her diet plan me lose fat and kept me at a healthy weight. Thanks to her intense workouts the stress I thought I would release by smoking a cigarette was instead relieved by training with her. I have never felt better. Unni has helped me overcome many obstacles and she is not only my mentor, and inspiration, she is now a dear friend. Unni Greene is my Diet Queen. If you truly want to change your body forever and live a happy, healthy life no matter what your goals are, remember it starts with a clean and healthy diet, and no one can show the way better than "The Diet Diva."

- Gysenia, wife, mother of 2, business owner.

Being approx 80 lbs over weight, and severely obese, I knew I had to do something drastic. Having had prior knowledge of the expertise of Unni Greene, I knew that I had to go to her! So I enlisted another friend of mine and off we went to Miami, where Unni is! We rented an apartment close to Unni’s and Willie’s gym with a workout room and pool and we started out on our journey. Unni meet with me the following morning and designed a nutrition plan for me to follow, and so I did. I also attended her "Work Out" classes and tried as best I could to follow along with the other people in the class! Whenever I couldn't do something in the class ( because I have 2 herniated discs in my back and one in my neck which prevents me from doing many physical things), Unni would show me what I could do to still get the optimal results! The other people in the class were all great too, and so supportive and positive to be around which help so much! The whole atmosphere was just wonderful!  I attend classes 4 to 5 days a week.  In between classes road the recumbent bike 45 min a day! In six weeks, I lost 28lbs and then I returned home. I have been continuing to exercise by going to a local gym and by doing hot yoga.  I now also have the JNL fusion DVD program as well!  I am still following Unni’s “Eat More to Lose More” program and I have lost 48 lbs so far!!! I don't know what I would have done without Unni. The program it’s phenomenal! Unni saved my life!!! Thanks again Unni!!!

- Paula, Mother, Business Woman

Wow, now I now why they call you the "Diet Diva"! This information is superb, I will follow it to a "T". Thanks so much for helping me lose all this weight!!  By reading the detailed plans, I not only learned how to eat properly, but I also discovered my "sins" that are standing in my way . They are stress, lack of sleep, and not eating the right foods. Thank you for sharing this information with me, I really appreciate it!!

- Nissa Salas

Thank you Unni Greene. You changed my life. I was never hungry and I feel better, more energized and healthier than ever. I have new confidence now that i never had before. Your meal plan was so easy to follow and I could eat the regular food I am used to. I also learned what is healthy for me and what is not. I was never hungry and I lost 38 pounds and I have kept it off!

- Mia Matous

Unni, I want to thank you for helping me achieve the weight loss in 8 weeks that I could not achieve by myself in four years. By following your meal plan I was never hungry, and I feel better than ever. Combined with your workouts, I look better than I did even before having kids! My husband is very happy too! Thank you!

- Luz,  wife and mother of two

Unni’s dedication, knowledge and positive attitude are unmatched by any other nutrition expert or trainer I've ever known. Seeing her encourage me to take care of myself and working with her as my personal trainer has helped me to make positive changes in my eating habits and working out harder with her has finally made it happen! At the age of 40, I can honestly say that thanks to Unni, I look and feel better than ever! With Unni’s help, coaching and encouragement, I recently entered my first ever competition. I am proud to say that I took first place and I have never felt better. Thank you, Unni

- Clara Camacho - wife, mother of two

With Unni's program I completely transformed my body!!!

Unni and I worked together for four months before I competed in my first NPC Open Bikini Fitness Classic. I went up against women who had been competing and training for several years and felt very proud when I place second in my category and qualified to compete on a national level. I firmly believe that it was through Unni's great training and superior nutritional plan that I was able to win second place.  Unni is not only my coach, but through this process she has become a friend and mentor. I admire and love her tremendously both as a professional and as a woman. Thank you Unni.

- Lisette Howard. NPC Bikini Competitor.

Introducing the
Eat More To Lose More Program!

Here's what you will get with my scientifically PROVEN Eat More to Lose More Diet Program:
  • •Learn how to eat for life - Your body will blast fat, build lean muscle and get hot, all while you enjoy more energy, stamina and endurance! Not just one but TWO meal plans are included.
  • Learn how to train for maximum results- Get the best results in the minimum time from working out smarter, not harder with my proven fat blasting method! A complete illustrated work out plan is included.
  • Look better than ever- You will never starve and you don’t need a gym membership to look like an athlete!
  • Learn how to create your own meal plans and workout routines. Your body will become a billboard of health!
  • Learn which supplements really work- Stop wasting your money on useless products!

But Wait...That's Not All, You Also Get!

In addition to the incredible Eat More to Lose More Diet Book you also get the following
special bonus items included in your program absolutely Free!

Diet Diva Supplement Guid
($29.95 value)

My Free Supplement Guide to Better Health & Fat Loss that explains which supplements you need and why. Stop wasting money on unnecessary products that are pushed on you by the Supplement Companies. I have done all the research for you so will know exactly what works for you.

Listen & Lose Weight Audio Seminar
($29.95 value)

My Instant downloadable MP3 Audio Seminar is just what you need to learn what really works and why. You will enjoy listening to an easy, fail proof way to lose fat fast. Just listen and lose those unwanted pounds and gain a whole new understanding of what really works.

My Eat More to Lose More Diet Program is the result of over 30 years of experience in the fitness industry. I have more than 6 years of University study including FOUR degrees in nutrition and am a Certified Master Trainer by the most highly respected Institutions. I also have over 25 years of hands on experience in the personal training and group fitness industry! Thousands of hours of teaching, coaching, training, designing meal plans, endless hours of research and true hands on experience has earned me the reputation as one of the most respected authorities in the health and fitness field.

The "Eat More to Lose More Program" is different! No Dangerous Pills, No Deprivation, No Gym Memberships Required... Just a regular lifestyle and simple exercises you can do in the comfort of your own home! I will teach you the secrets that real life Celebrities, Bodybuilders and Fitness Models Use To Stay Fit, Lean, and Sexy.

I know that you have tried other "diets" before and failed. That's because starvation diets do not work. The sad truth is that staying on the wrong kind of diet can cause you to lose more muscle than fat… leading you to become “skinny fat.”

Get Started TODAY!

You can start burning the fat and sculpting new muscle immediately - literally just seconds from now, because everything you need is delivered in INSTANT access download (e-book) format!

Frequently Asked Questions About The
Eat More to Lose More Program

Q: What is the Eat More to Lose More ebook all about?
The Eat More to Lose More Book is one of the most complete and detailed guides to fat loss on the market. It explains how your body converts the food that you eat into energy and how your metabolism works. It covers hormonal and other influences on your weight and health. It will teach you how to eat healthy FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. It takes ALL THE GUESSWORK OUT OF WEIGHT LOSS as it  covers all elements of fat loss: 1) nutrition 2) weight training 3) cardio training and 4) mental re-training (motivation). The program focuses the most on nutrition because what you eat determines how you look by up to 80%. That's right: HOW YOU LOOK IS DETERMINED 80% BY WHAT YOU EAT!There are two complete FAT LOSS meal plans for you to chose from. There are recipes for you to enjoy and there is a complete, illustrated workout plan. With the Eat More to Lose More diet ebook you will learn  how to quickly and easily create your very own fat torching meal and exercise plans.

Q: How quickly can I lose weight on your program?   This is not just a weight loss program, it's a fat loss program. As I explain in the book, fat loss should be your focus, not just weight loss. You can expect to lose up to 2 pounds of  FAT per week, without losing muscle. You’ll know it's  fat because you will learn to eat the right kinds of food at the right time to burn FAT. Extra weight loss is common the first week or two, but that’s usually water weight.

Q: Is this a low carb diet? This is not a low carb diet. You will be able to enjoy carbs and you will learn what carbs to eat and when to eat them and still lose weight. 

Q: Will your program work for me? Yes, my Eat More to Lose More program has been used by body builders and physique competitors as well as professional athletes and regular moms dads and even kids. It works for EVERYONE! Even if you have no interest in gaining muscle size or getting onstage to compete, ANYONE can learn how to eat and look their best. My program works whether you have 100 lbs to lose or just those last stubborn five pounds. Remember, my clients come in all shapes, sizes, genders and with different goals and abilities. It works for EVERYONE!

Q: Will the program work for both women and men?  Yes!  Women have different needs and eating like men is one of the mistakes women make. Men generally need to consume more calories. The book explains how to calculate the rates for both  the female and male metabolism. The workout program was developed to work equally well for men and women and has been used for years by both men and women with great results. 

Q: Do I have to join a gym or buy any equipment? No, you don't have to join a gym. You can work out at home if you prefer. All you need is the most basic weight training equipment, such as dumbbells, a work out mat, or towel, and that's it. 

Q: Am I too young or too old for this program? You're NEVER too old to improve your health and fitness. As you can see from my success stories, it is never too late. I also help countless children and teenagers, as obesity is rampant among this age group as well! Just remember to get clearance from your doctor before changing your diet or starting any exercise program.

Q: I can't eat wheat or any products with gluten. Can I still follow the program? Yes, gluten intolerance is common and you can easily work around it. There is a section in the Eat More to Lose More Diet book that addresses this issue.  My program can be adapted to work with almost all special dietary needs.

Q: I'm lactose intolerant. Can I still do this program? Lactose intolerance is common and is easy to work around. You don't have to eat dairy products if you don't want to. In fact, I personally do not eat much dairy at all. 

Q: Do I have to take any supplements? No supplements are required but I do recommend certain supplements and explain why and how they can help you. Taking supplements or not is your choice, and it is completely optional. 

Q: Will this work for vegetarians? Yes, although you may need to modify the program based on what you do and don’t eat. If you don't eat meat but you eat dairy, eggs, or fish, it's very easy to follow. If you're a strict vegan it will take a little more creativity and will be up to you to come up with your own recipes and meal plans.

Q: Will this work in my country? I'm worried about not having the foods that are required. YES! We have clients on the program from all over the world . This is because all the food on the program is REGULAR SUPERMARKET FOOD. You are not limited to a small list of foods only available in some countries. This program works wherever you live.

Q: Is the book available in hard copy? There's no hard copy and this book is NOT available in bookstores. This is a downloadable e-book in Adobe acrobat PDF format. It can be read on any mac or PC or any eBook reader or device that is compatible with Adobe acrobat PDF format. (If you're using an iPad or iPhone  you may need an app to read Adobe PDF eBooks. Those are freely available online)

Q: How can I be sure it's safe to order online from your website? The checkout page is on a secure server. We are a Verisign-trusted site (verifying our identity, location and virus-free status). 

Q: How do I order the program? The fastest way to get the program is on the order page here or just click on the "add to cart" button below.


IF you order Eat More To Lose More today I'll also give you my Diet Diva Guide to Supplements for Better Health and Fat Loss! At over 30% off the regular price, this awesome bonus is yours free when you order. This week ONLY!

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