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Eat More to Lose More


I wrote this book for you. It will explain the basics of how your metabolism works and how it everything that you put into your body affects it. I will also explain why you have to eat more to lose more.

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Weight Training

My clients ask me again and again: What’s better, weight training or cardio? Hands down, weight training wins. But if you add the cardio in between sets as well, you have a surefire winner.

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Cardio Training

Combining weight training with thirty-second cardio “bursts” between sets gives me the fat burning and the muscle building that I want to achieve in one quick, super-efficient workout.

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Supplements are nutrients that affect your body or metabolism in certain ways, and that you do not get through your regular diet or fluid intake.

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Mental Training and Motivation

Never underestimate the power of the written word. Studies show that when you write something down, you are ten times more likely to actually carry through with it than if you don’t write it.

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