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Eat More to Loose More Diet

The Eat More To Lose More Diet Book, written by nutrition and fitness expert and mom of four, Unni Greene and is a fail proof guide to get a fit, lean and healthy body without deprivation or starvation. Unni shows you what works and why. She tells you what you need to know, and has made a complicated and often misunderstood subject easy to understand, follow and enjoy reading. The book includes all aspect of getting your dream body, from nutrition, hormones, overcoming mental and other limiting beliefs, examining training methods and includes illustrated workouts, recipes, two complete meal plans and tips to guarantee your success. Unni Greene, also know as The Diet Diva is a Certified Master Trainer and Sports Nutrition Specialist. She is also a highly sought after coach. Having grown up in Sweden as a competitive figure skater she has been an athlete for most of her life. She presently owns and operates a Private Training Facility in Miami, Florida where she lives with her partner and children. Unni Greene is a world renown fitness expert who trains world champion athletes, physique competitors and others. In this book she shares her secrets on what really works and how you too can succeed in getting the body you always wanted in easy to follow, simple steps.