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Diet Diva
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  • Jennifer Nicole Lee

    International Fitness Celebrity & Best Selling Author

    Unni Greene's "Eat More to Lose More Diet Book" is a MUST READ! Its full of top nutritional info, fat blasting recipes that are easy to prepare, and this book will unlock[...]

  • Glen Johnson

    Time Magazine

    I am a professional boxer. For most of my career, I boxed at 175 lbs. At the age of 43, an opportunity arose for me to box as a “super[...]

  • Vivian Gonzalez

  • Flat Abs

    Happy Female Client

    Hi Unni!!! This is a really corny picture but I'm leaving The Middle East tomorrow and I wanted to show you my progress and I also wanted thank you so[...]

  • Gysenia Gonzalez-Avila

    Wife, mother of 2, business owner

    I started training with Unni back in Dec. 2010 and although I had been working out before then for about 13 years, her expertise in nutrition and training started changing[...]

  • Nicole Cornelius

    Bikini Competitor
  • Clara Camacho

    Wife, Mother of Two

    Unni’s dedication, knowledge and positive attitude are unmatched by any other nutrition expert or trainer I've ever known. Seeing her encourage me to take care of myself and working with[...]

  • Lisette Howard

    NPC Bikini Competitor

    With Unni's program I completely transformed my body!!! Unni and I worked together for four months before I competed in my first NPC Open Bikini Fitness Classic. I went up[...]

1-2 of 112