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  • Mia Matous

    Lost 38 lbs.

    Thank you Unni Greene. You changed my life. I was never hungry and I feel better, more energized and healthier than ever. I have new confidence now that i never[...]

  • Paula

    Being approx 80 lbs over weight, and severely obese, I knew I had to do something drastic. Having had prior knowledge of the expertise of Unni Greene, I knew that[...]

  • Nissa Salas

    Wow, now I now why they call you the "Diet Diva"! This information is superb, I will follow it to a "T". Thanks so much for helping me lose all[...]

  • Luz

    Wife and Mother of Two

    Unni, I want to thank you for helping me achieve the weight loss in 8 weeks that I could not achieve by myself in four years. By following your meal plan[...]

  • Julio

    Male Client

    This is a must read book to have a healthy and happy relationship with your body. This is not an overnight diet, it is a lifestyle. This lady is amazing.[...]

1-2 of 212