Testimonials Unni Greene

Diet Diva

Gysenia Gonzalez-Avila

Wife, mother of 2, business owner

I started training with Unni back in Dec. 2010 and although I had been working out before then for about 13 years, her expertise in nutrition and training started changing my body like never before.

I saw results that I had never seen before. I am now 36 years old and mother of 2, and I have never felt better or been more toned and defined. Unni helped me lose body fat, gain lean sexy muscles and change the way I eat forever.

When I met her, believe or not, I was a smoker, and as everyone knows most people have a fear that if they quit, they will gain weight. Well thanks to Unni, I did not. With her encouragement, and focus on health, I was able to stop smoking without gaining weight. In fact, her diet plan me lose fat and kept me at a healthy weight. Thanks to her intense workouts the stress I thought I would release by smoking a cigarette was instead relieved by training with her. I have never felt better. Unni has helped me overcome many obstacles and she is not only my mentor, and inspiration, she is now a dear friend. Unni Greene is my Diet Queen.

If you truly want to change your body forever and live a happy, healthy life no matter what your goals are, remember it starts with a clean and healthy diet, and no one can show the way better than "The Diet Diva."

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